U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

System Requirements

Hardware Requirements:

A personal computer with a standard operating system (i.e. any version of Microsoft Windows or Macintosh).

The more memory you have the faster your documents can be processed, such as when you are scanning and/or converting to PDF format.

A scanner is a possible future need if documents are not in your word processor or petition software.

An Internet service provider.

The higher the connection speed between your computer and your ISP, the less you will need to wait for your filings to upload.

Software Requirements:

Browser Software

An up to date internet browser

Word processing and/or petition preparation software.

CM/ECF provides a "case upload" interface which greatly simplifies the process of opening new bankruptcy cases. Several petition preparation software packages provide the appropriately formatted files to take advantage of the interface.

Software to convert documents to Portable Document Format (PDF), such as Adobe Acrobat Writer.

All documents (except creditor matrices) must be in PDF format before they can be filed in CM/ECF!

Software Downloads:

Get Acrobat Reader