U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

Petition Software

The following is a list of software vendors that provide software that works with CM/ECF and the case upload feature. This allows the user to enter information into the program, then upload it into CM/ECF without having to re-enter the information in the court’s server.

Tested for one button upload Bankruptcy Vendor / Software Phone No. Website / Email Address
1-button Best Case Solutions, Inc.
Best Case Bankruptcy


760-967-1428 www.bktools.com
  Cerenade Inc.
Bankruptcy Esq. an
800-617-4202 www.cerenade.com
1-button   Cornerstone Computing Group Inc.
Bankruptcy Plus
800-397-8238 www.cornerstone-computer.com
1-button   EZ Filing Inc.
EZ Filing
800-998-2424 http://www.ezfiling.com/
1-button Seaview Software, Inc.
Freshstart Bankruptcy Software
206-523-2445 www.freshstart.com
1-button LegalPRO Systems, Inc.
800-887-0939 www.legal-pro.com
  Matthew Bender
Collier Top Form
973-820-2089 www.bender.com
  New Hope Software Inc.
800-532-7114 www.bankruptcysoftware.com
  Puritas Springs Software
440-572-7645 www.puritas-springs.com
  West-Speciality Software
Chapter 7...13
N/A www.westgroup.com

Note: The U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Louisiana does not recommend or endorse any particular software vendor.