U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

2001 & 2002 What's New Archive

What's New Archive

October 2002

  • A Notice of Appearance is no longer required to be filed as a precondition to the filing of a proof of claim if the filer is not listed on the mailing matrix. Parties filing Proofs of Claim may now add themselves to the case through the electronic filing of a proof of claim from a remote location.
    For those creditors who would like to file Notices of Appearance, Notice of Appearance has been added as a Batch Filing option.

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July 2001

  • Amendments to Local Rules - Effective July 19, 2001 - pdf format
  • Electronic Filing Information
  • Bankruptcy Court Miscellaneous Fee Schedule - Effective 7/1/2001 - pdf format
  • New Electronic Public Access Fees in Place - Effective 7/1/2001 - pdf format

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