U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Eastern District of Louisiana

General Frequent Questions

How do I make an emergency filing after hours? <back to top of page>

Filing Papers After Hours
(Excerpted from the Administrative Procedures Manual)

9. H. Electronic Filing System Hours of Operation

(2) Because the CM/ECF system is continuously available, the need for delivering pleadings by hand to court personnel should no longer be necessary. In the rare circumstances when an emergency pleading must be filed after hours (e.g. an emergency pleading to stop a sheriff’s sale or a notice of appeal) the following procedures should be followed.

(a) Who May File After Hours. Except as otherwise authorized by the Court, only non-ECF filers may file emergency petitions and pleadings by facsimile.

(b) Time and Manner of Filing. Papers may be filed by facsimile to facsimile number 504-589-7866 when the Clerk’s Office is not open. The Clerk’s Office regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Central time. Transmit by facsimile only the first page and the signature page of the document.

(c) Filing of Original Document. The entire original paper document, together with any required filing fee, must be filed in person and time-stamped by the clerk no later than Noon (12:00 p.m.) CT on the next business day after the facsimile filing when the clerk’s office is open.

(d) Clerk’s Procedures Concerning Facsimile Documents. If the original document is not timely filed after the facsimile transmittal, the clerk will note that fact and the facsimile will have no force or effect. The clerk’s office will not acknowledge the filing of a document or assign a case number or adversary number to a document unless the original is timely filed pursuant to these provisions. Upon timely receipt of the original document and any required fee, the clerk will stamp or notate the following on the document: "This document is deemed filed on (date) pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Manual for Filing Papers After Hours". Documents filed in accordance with this procedure will be deemed filed on the date and at the time printed on the document by the facsimile machine in the clerk’s office.

What is required to file an "emergency" petition? <back to top of page>
To file an Emergency Petition, the following must accompany the petition (Form B 1):

  1. Names and addresses of creditors
  2.  Statement of Social Security Number (Form B 21)
  3. Exhibit D (Form B 1D)
  4. Notice to debtor by “bankruptcy petition preparer”, if applicable (Form B 19)
  5. Statement disclosing compensation paid or to be paid to a “bankruptcy petition preparer”, if
    applicable (Form B 19)
  6. List of creditors holding the 20 largest unsecured claims, if applicable (chapter 11) (Form B 4)
  7. Separately uploaded creditor matrix
  8. Filing fee, or:
    1. An individual in a voluntary case may file an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installment if the debtor is unable to pay the filing fee except in installments (Form B 3A)
    2. Application for Waiver of the Chapter 7 Filing Fee for Individuals Who Cannot Pay the Filing Fee in Full or in Installments (Form B 3B)

What are the current filing fees? <back to top of page>
Please see Fee Schedule under Fees.

Can I file a pleading by fax?  <back to top of page>
No. We do not accept fax filings.

How do I get a transcript?  <back to top of page>
Please see Court Transcript Procedures under Procedures.

What are the Federal Holidays?  <back to top of page>
Please see Federal Holidays under Court Info.

How do I register for PACER?  <back to top of page>
Please see PACER Facts under Case Information.

To whom do we make our checks payable?  <back to top of page>
Checks are to made payable to Clerk, U.S. Bankruptcy Court

I want a listing of your unclaimed funds account. Where can I obtain it?   <back to top of page>
We have no listing of unclaimed funds available for the public. You may sign up with PACER and then research each case for unclaimed fund deposits. They are docketed listing the creditor/debtor to whom the funds are due.

I found out that there is money in my bankruptcy case for me and I want to withdraw it. What do I need to do?   <back to top of page>
To withdraw funds from the unclaimed fund account, you will need the following:

  1. Motion and Order for the payment of unclaimed funds.
  2. Photocopy of your current driver’s license, or other government issued identification containing photograph and current address
  3. In the event of death of the claimant, the heir must provide a death certificate and proof of entitlement to the funds.
  4. A certificate of service showing that a copy of the motion was sent to the United States Attorney, Hale Boggs Bldg., 500 Poydras, New Orleans, LA 70130.

How do I go about requesting a disbursement of registry funds?   <back to top of page>
A motion and order need to be submitted to the Court. See Rule 7067-1 C and D, of the Local Rules for a full explanation of the requirements to withdraw funds from the Court.

The judge signed an order for the distribution of registry funds today. Can I get the funds this afternoon?   <back to top of page>
No. Prior to the disbursement of funds, there is a minimum 10 day waiting period for the appeals process.

How do out-of-district attorneys who already have a CM/ECF password for their district get a password for this district?   <back to top of page>
Attorneys who have a CM/ECF password in another district may complete and submit to us an Application for Attorney Password that includes the bankruptcy court where training has already taken place.

Is credit counseling required in the Eastern District of Louisiana?   <back to top of page>
The credit counseling requirement in this district remains waived by the U.S. Trustee Program.

How do I reschedule my 341 meeting?   <back to top of page>
Procedure for Requesting U.S. Trustee to Reschedule §341 Meeting