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Code of Professionalism

Adopted by the Judges of the Eastern District of Louisiana on August 4, 1999

Note:  This court requires your adherence to the provisions of this Code of Professionalism. The court considers any violation of the Code a sanctionable offense to be treated with the same seriousness as a violation of the Code of Ethics.

My word is my bond. I will never intentionally mislead the court or other counsel. I will not knowingly make statements of fact or law that are untrue.

  • I will clearly identify for other counsel changes I have made in documents submitted to me.
  • I will conduct my self with dignity, civility, courtesy and a sense of fair play.
  • I will not abuse or misuse the law, its procedures or the participants in the judicial process.
  • I will consult with other counsel whenever scheduling procedures are required and will be cooperative in scheduling discovery, hearings, the testimony of witnesses and in the handling of the entire course of any legal matter.
  • I will not file or oppose pleadings, conduct discovery or utilize any course of conduct for the purpose of undue delay or harassment of any other counsel or party. I will allow counsel fair opportunity to respond and will grant reasonable request for extensions of time.
  • I will not engage in personal attacks on other counsel or the court. I will support my profession's efforts to enforce its disciplinary rules and will not make unfounded allegations of unethical conduct about other counsel.
  • I will not use the threat of sanctions as a litigation tactic.
  • I will cooperate with counsel and the court to reduce the cost of litigation and will readily stipulate to all matters not in dispute.
  • I will be punctual in my communication with clients, other counsel and the court, and in honoring scheduled appearances.