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Trial Exhibits

*Pursuant to General Order 2021-2 updated September 15, 2023, all hearings in this District will take place using the Hybrid Model Plan outlined in the referenced order. Hearings may not be unofficially recorded, photographed, broadcasted, or transmitted. This prohibition applies in all cases in this District.


  • Please refer to the scheduling order issued in your case for specific submission deadlines you must adhere to.
  • To reduce the size of the exhibit document, parties are strongly encouraged to “print to PDF” when possible rather than printing and scanning paper copies.
  • Each exhibit must be filed as a separate attachment to the Exhibit List and must be identified and offered into evidence by reference to the CM/ECF docket number of the filed exhibit.
  • All exhibits that are more than 10 pages in length must be numbered or bates-labeled.
  • Impeachment exhibits must be submitted to the Court via separate email to in .pdf format.  Opposing counsel does not need to be copied on the impeachment exhibit email.

Related Event Codes:

  • Bankruptcy  ►  Other  ►  Witness/Exhibit List
  • Bankruptcy  ►  Other  ►  Exhibits – Proposed
    • If needed, due to volume of exhibits exceeding one docket entry.

Trial Exhibits:

  • All exhibits will be presented by the parties during the hearing via GoToMeeting

Dial-in Telephone Number504-517-1385  Access Code129611
Video Meeting Code: "JudgeGrabill"
*Audio connections by telephone are required for all video participants

PDF Help: