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Trial Exhibits

Do not file exhibits themselves into CM/ECF.  Only witness and exhibit lists should be filed into the record.


  • Each party shall combine its exhibits into one .pdf document, with each individual exhibit labeled and bookmarked for easy review and display by the Court. In addition, Bates Stamping is preferred.
  • The Debtor or Plaintiff shall label their exhibits using numbers (e.g., Debtor Ex. 1, Debtor Ex. 2).
  • The Creditor or Defendant shall label their exhibits using letters (e.g., Creditor Name Ex. A, Creditor Name Ex. B).
  • Joint, uncontested exhibits shall be labeled as such (e.g., Joint Ex. 1), and submitted by one of the parties, as coordinated in advance. The parties shall combine any joint exhibits and submit them as a separate .pdf document in the same format.
  • Impeachment exhibits must be labeled as such (e.g., Debtor Impeachment Ex. 1 or Creditor Name Impeachment Ex. A), and shall be in a separate document.
  • To reduce the size of the exhibit document, parties are strongly encouraged to “print to PDF” when possible rather than printing and scanning paper copies.


  • Please refer to the scheduling order issued in your case for specific submission deadlines you must adhere to.
  • In addition to the formal list of exhibits, which counsel must file into the record, counsel must provide all exhibits to the Court by emailing them to the law clerk assigned to the case.  Opposing counsel should be copied on the email submitting exhibits to the court.  The exhibits must be submitted in .pdf format.
  • Impeachment exhibits must be submitted to the Court via separate email.  Opposing counsel does not need to be copied on the impeachment exhibit email.
  • If the bookmarked .pdf file is too large for transmission via email attachment, the Court recommends exchanging exhibits and delivering exhibits to the Court using a zip file or a thumb drive. The Court is also willing to provide an electronic Dropbox for delivery of large bookmarked .pdf files. Please contact Robert Scott, the Court’s Information Technology Manager, at

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