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CourtSpeak provides audio recordings of select hearings through PACER.

NOTE: These procedures are designed for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader. Most internet browser add-ins or
browser PDF viewers do NOT provide access to the attachments (paper clip icon shown below), which is the only way to listen to
the CM/ECF audio files.

When a recording is available an entry will be docketed in CM/ECF with a speaker icon as shown here:

To play the audio file*:

  1. Click the docket entry numeric link (2161 in the example above).
  2. A .pdf will load with the audio file (.mp3) as an attachment.
  3. Click the paper clip icon to display the attachment window.


  4. Double-click the audio file (.mp3) in the attachment window.


  5. If a warning window appears,click "OK"


  6. The audio file will now load in your default .mp3 player.


*The CourtSpeak (MP3) audio recording via Pacer is a copy of a court proceeding and is provided as a convenience to the public. It is NOT the Official Record.