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Withdraw Funds

Instructions for Filing Motions to Withdraw Funds from the Registry of the Court

Pursuant to General Order 2022-1 of the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, parties should follow the following procedure to withdraw deposited funds:

  1.  Parties requesting funds from the Registry of the Court should file a motion for withdrawal and disbursement of registry funds (the “Motion”) on record in the case relating to the Motion.
  2.  Parties must attach any supporting documentation necessary to establish entitlement to the registry funds to the Motion.
  3.  Contemporaneously with the filing of the Motion, the movant shall also file using the “Tax Documents – Private” event code on the record in the case a W-9/AO 213 form and any Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) forms regarding the reporting of earned interest.
  4.  Upon filing of the Motion, supporting documentation, W-9/AO 213 form, and IRS forms regarding reporting of earned income, the movant should e-mail a proposed order to the Court via the Section A Orders Inbox (
  5.  The payee information in the Motion, W-9/AO 213 form, and the proposed order must match exactly for payment to issue.

The proposed order must also include the following information:

  1. The principal sum initially deposited
  2. The amount of principal funds sought to be disbursed
  3. To whom the disbursement is to be made with full name and address and zip code that exactly matches the information on the W-9/AO 213 form
  4. Specific instructions regarding distribution of accrued interest as stated in the IRS forms regarding reporting of earned interest
  5. If the requestor is asking for $500,000 or more to be disbursed, ensure the banking section of the tax form has been completed and it must include BOTH bank routing number and account number.