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Attorney Information

Admission to Practice

  • See Local Rule 2014-1 - Admission to Practice; Applications for Employment

Attorney Conduct

Change of Address or E-mail Address

Changes to U.S. mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses may be sent by email to:, or by regular mail to:

Systems Department
Attn: Address Change
United States Bankruptcy Court
500 Poydras Street, Suite B-601
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130

In the rare situation when you would like an address change to be made only in one specific case or cases, you must file the request for change of address through CM/ECF.  Click on “Bankruptcy”.  “Other”. Type in the case number. Click on “Request for Change of Address”.

Requirements to File Electronically

To file electronically with our court you must:

  • Be admitted to practice in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana or to appear on a pro hac vice basis.  Refer to Local Rule 2090-1. 
  • Complete the on-line Electronic Learning Modules on this website, or certify as to CM/ECF training in any federal court.
  • Submit a completed Application for Attorney Password for Electronic Case Filing System.
  • To make online credit card payments, use