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After Hours Filing Procedures

Filing Papers After Hours
(Excerpted from the Administrative Procedures Manual)

9. H.  Electronic Filing System Hours of Operation

(2) Because the CM/ECF system is continuously available, the need for delivering pleadings by hand to court personnel should no longer be necessary.  In the rare circumstances when an emergency pleading must be filed after hours (e.g. an emergency pleading to stop a sheriff’s sale or a notice of appeal) the following procedures should be followed.

(a) Who May File After Hours.  Except as otherwise authorized by the Court, only non-ECF filers may file emergency petitions and pleadings by facsimile.

(b) Time and Manner of Filing.  Papers may be filed by facsimile to facsimile number 504-589-7866 when the Clerk’s Office is not open.  The Clerk’s Office regular business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm, Central time.  Transmit by facsimile only the first page and the signature page of the document.

(c) Filing of Original Document.  The entire original paper document, together with any required filing fee, must be filed in person and time-stamped by the clerk no later than Noon (12:00 p.m.) CT on the next business day after the facsimile filing when the clerk’s office is open.

(d) Clerk’s Procedures Concerning Facsimile Documents.  If the original document is not timely filed after the facsimile transmittal, the clerk will note that fact and the facsimile will have no force or effect.  The clerk’s office will not acknowledge the filing of a document or assign a case number or adversary number to a document unless the original is timely filed pursuant to these provisions.  Upon timely receipt of the original document and any required fee, the clerk will stamp or notate the following on the document: "This document is deemed filed on (date) pursuant to the Administrative Procedures Manual for Filing Papers After Hours".  Documents filed in accordance with this procedure will be deemed filed on the date and at the time printed on the document by the facsimile machine in the clerk’s office.