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Telephone Access - MCVCIS

The McVCIS direct dial toll free number is 866-222-8029.

The Multi-Court Voice Case Information System (MCVCIS) uses a computer-generated synthesized voice device to read bankruptcy  case and adversary proceeding information directly from the court's computer. This device permits you to call the computer from any touch-tone telephone and obtain the following case information without assistance from a case administrator:

  • Case Number
  • Name(s) of debtor(s), or principal parties
  • Case filing date
  • Case chapter
  • Debtor's attorney's name and phone number
  • Trustee's name
  • Assigned Judge's name
  • Discharge and closing dates
  • 341(a) meeting date, time, and location
  • Case status
  • Whether the case has assets

Using McVCIS

  1. DIAL Toll Free 866-222-8029.
  2. You will be instructed to select the State, District and Court (5,3,3)
  3. ENTER THE NAME of a case participant. Names are given to the computer by pressing the keys on your telephone that correspond to the letters in the name. Use the "1" key for the letters "Q" and "Z", and skip any characters that are not letters, such as spaces, apostrophes, and dashes.
    1. If the name is an individual, enter the last name followed by the first name.
    2. If the name represents a company, type the company name. You probably should leave off such suffixes as "Inc." or "Corp.".
  4. PRESS THE # KEY to tell the computer you have completed the name.
  5. LISTEN and the system will read you information about the case. If more than one case matches, information on each case will be read.