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Judge Meredith S. Grabill

United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Eastern District of Louisiana
Chambers Telephone Number: 504-589-7800
Chambers e-mail:

Telephonic Hearings*:
Dial-in Telephone Number: 888-684-8852
Access Code: 9318283

*Pursuant to Amended General Order 2020-2 dated April 3, 2020, all hearings in this District will take place by teleconference, or by videoconference when necessary, until further notice. Hearings may not be unofficially recorded, photographed, broadcasted, or transmitted. This prohibition applies in all cases in this District.


Staff Information

Anna Mangham , Law Clerk, 504-589-7803  (Chapter 13 cases and Reaffirmation Agreements)

Abby Moskowitz ,  Law Clerk, 504-589-7802  (Chapter 7 & 11 cases with terminal digits: 0-4 and associated APs) 

Katherine Clark ,  Law Clerk, 504-589-7808  (Chapter 7 & 11 cases with terminal digits: 5-9 and associated APs)

Chrystal Brooks-Raymond , Courtroom Deputy, 504-589-7805

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