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Evidence Presentation System

For in-person hearings, our courtrooms are fully equiped with courtroom technology equipment. This equipment will allow lawyers to present and display evidence to the judge in a clearer and more comprehensible way. 

The courtroom technology equipment gives counsel the ability to:

  • Emphasize evidence on display monitors located throughout the courtroom
  • Display video evidence through a VCR or DVD player
  • Allow a witness or counsel to utilize onscreen annotation
  • Present your own slide show presentation to enhance your arguments

Some of the advanced technology integrated into the courtrooms include:

  • Audio Upgrades
  • Flat Panel Monitors
  • Evidence Presentation
    • Document Camera
    • DVD / VCR Player
    • Laptop Audio and Video
    • On Screen Annotation
  • Audio Enhancement for the Hearing Impaired and Language Translators
  • Teleconferences

For complete instructions on using the electronic courtroom technology equipment, download the Electronic Courtroom Technology Guide.

To ensure that your exhibits are displayed correctly in the courtroom, or to practice using the new evidence presentation features, contact the Information Technology department at 504-589-7878 to schedule a time to test your laptop and familiarize yourself with the new equipment.