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Filing Information

 Required Documents for Minimal Filing

  • Petition (Form 101)
  • Names and addresses of creditors
  • Statement of Social Security Number (Form 121)
  • Notice to debtor by “bankruptcy petition preparer”, if applicable (Form 119)
  • Statement disclosing compensation paid or to be paid to a “bankruptcy petition preparer”, if applicable (Form 2800)
  • Separately uploaded creditor matrix
  • Filing fee, or:
    • An individual in a voluntary case may file an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installment if the debtor is unable to pay the filing fee except in installments. (Form 103A)
    • Application to have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived (Form 103B)

All remaining documents are due within the deadlines described in the Bankruptcy Code and Rules.

Poverty Guidelines

Tax Authorities